My ground breaking and innovative Canine Behaviour Therapy Sessions, Seminars, Classes and Workshops have come from 20 years working with and studying a variety of badly behaved, poorly trained animals – mainly Humans!


My vision for a brighter healthier future of Canine ownership, is a deeper understanding of the animal, a greater empathy for their needs and a much more healthy relationship between our 2 species.


To look forward and to improve I believe we first need to look backwards and see where this unique and incredible relationship started. Why were canines domesticated by humans -and then importantly we need to ask the question – Where did it all go wrong? Let’s go back to dogs being Man’s best friend, companion Team mate – not man’s furry baby or handbag accessory or status symbol or designer dog!

I concentrate on Educating Human owners to help them understand what their Canine is trying to tell them – I am an inter-species interpreter!

I can help you with any of your Dog’s Behaviour issues, training requirements, choosing the best dog for you, getting puppies off to the best start in life and rehabilitating rescue dogs. I can also helpyou build an incredible bond and relationship with your dog! Everything I do is gentle, natural and kind. Along with very effective, fun, rewarding, innovative and game changing for people who are struggling with their pet.

I can make a huge Impackt on your relationship with your best friend. Strengthening your friendship, creating an incredible bond between you and your canine. Whether you are experencing behavioural issues or if you just want to push the limits of what you can achieve together!!

Below is an explanation of how I educate and train Humans!

By showing owners what a good relationship with their dog can be like and how amazing a team of owner and dog can be I look to inspire my clients to make the very best of their relationship and have joyful experience owning a dog.


I use human and canine psychology principles to heal the conflict between what a dog wants and what the human wants!


 I have developed my own unique range of classes to steer away from the traditional and outdated Obedience classes. My fresh new ideas are groundbreaking. Natural socialisng classes I was the first person in the Country to start Dog Park – Aggression Workshops – Extreme Puppy Socialising – Brain Training classes – Recall workshops


With my help – your time and involvement we can solve any issues and create a fantastic valuable relationship for you both.


I am always available to support and encourage my clients and help them in the right direction. I am very supportive especially where there is aggression issues as I know it can be extremely difficult for owners to deal with.


 I always take direct action and work right from the beginning. No hours of note taking and assessment and then waiting for emails – we work straight from the start


I have a great understanding of animal behaviour and especially canine behaviour which I have studied for many years. I use my knowledge to act as an interpreter bewtween species to explain to humans what their canines are trying to say!

And obviously I work with dogs too and love what I do and the difference I can make
below is how I focus my training with dogs

My understanding of what dogs need psychologically and physically means I can really get to the root of the issue and encourage the best behaviour from them.


Never forcing a dog to do anything is very important to me. All dogs learn at a different rate.


 I love to get to what really drives a dog to want to work with us. I use very positive and fun techniques working with what gets your dog motivated to perform and enjoy their time with you.


I have a natural affinity with dogs and I always use and trust my natural instinct with each animal to let them flourish


My life has been dedicated to the betterment of dog’s lives in this Country. I always use the kindest methods and have time and compassion for my 4 legged clients.

I believe all dogs can have their behaviours improved and their training issues solved with the right therapy.

 A sound understanding of how dogs learn and what they need to thrive

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