Covering Local Areas, Including:   Cleethorpes, Louth, Grimsby, Caistor, Hull, Driffield, Beverly, Barton and much more, contact us to find out if we can cover your area!


Our fantastic range of Adventure walks for dogs are designed to give your
best friend the highest quality of physical and mental stimulation when you
are at work or unable to exercise them.

Impackt Behaviour’s leading Behaviour expert Pamela, has specifically
designed an exciting range of Adventure Walks to keep all dogs entertained
when you are unable to. We design a bespoke package for your dog’s
individual needs providing fun, entertainment and stimulation.

We are not like other dog walkers – A walk round the block on a lead just isn’t
an option for our team of dedicated Pack Leader Walkers – While you are at
work – we will pick up your dog and take them on a different adventure
chosen by you. All the dogs will enjoy a structured exercise session with
experienced dog professionals who know how to safely exercise your dog.

You can choose between any of the following Adventures for your dog;

  • Beach Adventure
  • Swimming Adventure
  • Woodland Adventure
  • Training Walk
  • Socialising Classes
  • Agility Classes

Adventure Dog Walks start from just
£15 per dog!

As dogs are social pack animals – Any Adventure Walks are only available to
dog friendly dogs as part of the adventure and fun is socialising with other
dogs – and all pack walks will only be with other friendly dogs…but we also
appreciate how difficult it can be for owners to provide appropriate exercise
for dogs with aggression issues – so we also provide options for dog
aggressive dogs in some locations. We do also offer a discount for multi-dog
households, Please call us for full details.


If you are interested in Impackt Behaviour Adventure Dog Walking and would
like to talk to us about your dog’s requirements and learn about the
adventures we can offer you please either email us at
or PM us through our Facebook page Impackt Behaviour
or call us on 07803 307882
To see our Adventure Walk Pack Leader in your area please see out Meet Our
Team page

Quotes Adventure Dog Walking

“We started using the doggy daycare service just over a month ago and our pooch absolutely
loves it. Since going along and being part of the Adventure play park his manners around other
dogs has improved so much. We’d highly recommend Impackt Behaviour, they take time to really
get to know each dog too and you know that they’re in really good hands.”


“ I know that while I’m at work she is having an amazing day and I don’t have to worry.”