Please Meet My Team ...

Optimus Daphne

My first Bullmastiff Daphne has taught me a lot in the 18 month since I brought her home as a puppy! I wanted a new working dog and also thought I would try my hand at dog showing with her.

I waited a long time to get the right dog for me from the world famous Optimus Kennels. We started training for showing together and really enjoyed the challenge. Within a year we reached the pinnacle together and astoundingly won Best Bitch at Crufts in 2017 barely 10 months since our first show. An achievement that I am beyond proud about.

The important thing that Daphne really has taught me is that In the pursuit of training for shows and working with her at no point do I think she is my child or my baby or fur baby. She is my companion, my friend, my colleague, my Team Mate..and she brings a huge love and passion into my life – sharing it with a completely different species, a predator, a canine who lives among my family, we have become her pack, I have become her leader, she knows she can trust me and that I have her back, she knows I am strong enough to make good decisions for her and help our pack survive, she knows she is safe but wants to protect me it’s a really cool agreement we have it’s what canines were domesticated for it’s the age old mans best – she’s my best friend and I get a huge pleasure from my relationship with an animal and I make sure she gets an amazing life with me. #TeamDaphne


Optimus Seven

Seven is a special girl – she is 2.5 years old and originally came to stay with me for a short period of time from the Optimus kennels to get her back into showing as it wasn’t her favourite pursuit!

After working with her and totally falling in love with her beautiful temperament it was agreed that she would stay with me permanently! A natural when it comes to helping dogs with problems and such a sweet girl, she has also helped people nervous around Large Breed dogs. She brings a lot of happiness to my home, she works hard, plays hard and is a great friend to my toddlers who she is completely devoted to!



Wazzle Dazzle

Sadly in February 2018 we lost our special girl Waz at the grand age of 10
Waz had worked with Pamela for 9 years and had rehabilitated hundreds of aggressive dogs and
brought much joy to everyone who met her.
Impackt Behaviour held several fundraising events in Waz’s honour that was donated to our
favourite charities The Ark Animal Rescue Centre and Large Breed Dog Rescue.
Waz is very missed by our whole team.


Senntino Penelope Pitstop (Penelope) and Senntino Drops of Jupiter (Frog)

Our new girls in training!!!
Daphne’s beautiful daughters have started their training to follow in their Mum and Aunties pawprints as Aggression Therapy Dogs.

Born in April 2018 they are in the early stages of their career and are currently entertaining everyone in our Puppy Socialising Classes!!
We will update their progress on here regularly!


Canine Behaviour Expert


Photo credits to Wildair Photography